Sierra Solutions



MailRoom for Internet

Sierra Solutions is currently offering version 3.3k of MailRoom. 

This version of Mailroom has only one new feature: The ability to export
your Mailroom message data base.

You will find the new "Export to MBOX format" choice at the bottom of
the "Folder" menu.  Choose that and your messages will be exported to
the directory of your choice.

Have patience, it will take some time. Our old mail took about a half
hour to complete. If you want to watch the progress, open an Explorer
window on the export forlder to see the new folders being created.

Once the mail has been exported most any email program should be able to
import it since the MBOX format is something of a standard for storing
email.  Those converting to Thunderbird should use the extension called
ImportExportTools available here:

This will be the last version of Mailroom. Good luck to all our longtime
customers.  Thanks for your many years of loyalty to our product.

Click here to download version 3.3k of MailRoom