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MailRoom for Internet

MailRoom for Internet is an email client program that works with any POP3/SMTP/MIME Internet mail service.   MailRoom incorporates a custom Address Book for storing names and addresses as well as mailing lists. Messages can be stored in and retrieved from user defined folders. Messages can be copied, forwarded and sent and resent. MailRoom contains an editor to allow you to easily compose mail messages including a spell checker. Messages can also be created with your favorite word processor and imported into MailRoom for addressing and delivery.

MailRoom supports file transfer of binary files through an easy point and click selection dialog. It includes a MIME encoder/decoder to handle attachments to email messages that are from the Internet. A UUDECODE feature is also available for attachments encoded using UUENCODE. MailRoom lets you schedule calls to to retrieve mail at various times of day. MailRoom has features which support laptop usage and multiple configuration files for different communications environments.

MailRoom runs on all versions of Windows. This includes Windows 3.1, Windows 9x, Windows ME, Windows NT/2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and under Windows on OS/2.

MailRoom comes with full on-line documentation in the Help facility so you can download it and be up and running right away with your Internet mail account.

MailRoom supports several conversion utilities. You can convert from:

Lotus Express
MCI Express

MailRoom uses the Sentry Spelling-Checker Engine which was developed by Wintertree Software, Inc. It comes with an English dictionary included in the software. Dictionaries for additional languages are available from Wintertree. Click here to connect to the Wintertree World Wide Web site.

The English dictionary that comes with MailRoom is for American English. A British English dictionary is available. To download this additional dictionary with installation instructions, click here: British Dictionary (about 200K)

The British dictionary is zipped to compress it for downloading. You will need an unzip utility to uncompress the software for installation on your PC. If you don't have such a utility and would like to obtain one, click here to connect to the WinZip World Wide Web site.